Experience of use Skincell Pro

Experience of using Skincell Pro serum with Maxim from Warsaw

Experience using Skincell Pro serum

Good afternoon. Six months ago, I started using Skincell Pro serum, which is used to correct moles, warts and skin spots. I want to share the results I was able to achieve with this great tool with others.

Moles that discredit my face

Turf on my chin and around my nose began to appear when I was a teenager. At first, these were small dots that were almost invisible. At that time they did not bother me in any way, except that sometimes they had little footwork. But these moles grew along with mine growing up. By the time I was thirty, I already had ugly brown peas hanging on my face, which made my face and chin look asymmetrical. I didn’t always like it very much. Some even thought I had dirt on my face.

But other than the ugly appearance, these moles gave me a lot of problems while shaving. It was very hard to shake their hair around them, and even more so. As luck would have it, their hair grew much faster than a beard, it was rough, so they always looked messy, with a stubble. In addition, while shaving, I accidentally hit a razor, which was always accompanied by excruciating pain and profound bleeding. They were always healing long and painfully. In general, these ugly moles did not give me anything good and, of course, I wanted to get rid of them.

Ways to deal with moles

Experience using Skincell Pro

After I had the time, I decided to go to the doctor and get rid of the moles. The doctor recommended the only solution - surgical removal. Of course, I didn’t want to go under the knife, especially since the operation required more than a week of being in the hospital after the operation until the wounds healed. Thinking about this, I went online and saw horrible pictures of the scars that people have after removing a mole on their face. Of course, I immediately felt that I wanted to do such an operation. I really wanted to find an alternative and found the website of the Skincell Pro serum manufacturer, where I also learned how to use it. I decided to place an order, because the manufacturer promised to get rid of the mole without pain, scars and scars. In addition, this drug is completely harmless, so there are no risks. And I decided to order this serum.

Application Results

Skincell Pro Serum arrived by mail within 5 days. It has a soft creamy consistency with a pleasant slight odor. I started applying it twice a day after washing my face in the morning and before going to bed. The serum was very easy to use: all you have to do is squeeze a drop of the drug and apply it on the mole itself. After applying it, there is no burning or tingling sensation, no discomfort at all.

Within a week I started noticing that the birth symptoms became a little less, which made me happy. Of course, I didn’t expect an immediate result from the cream, but after all, I was treated to it without pain, dressing and hospitalization.

After 2 months of regular use, the moles became almost flat, becoming 2 times smaller in diameter. I didn’t talk to them anymore while shaving, they didn’t get in the way.

I used the serum for 4 months and made them go away completely! For 2 months now I have been living without them, which is very happy. The use of this drug did not cause any irritation, pain or itching, the agent has a very mild effect on the skin, it does not hurt.