How to quickly remove papillomas at home on the face, neck and other parts of the body

Papillomas on the body

Sometimes it is only necessary to remove a papilloma if it looks unsightly. Such unpleasant growths can be seen in the armpits, on the face, neck and under the mammary glands. We will tell you how to remove papillomas from the body at home quickly and effectively.

There are cases when self-medication is simply dangerous.

Therefore, before using any method, you need to consult a doctor.

Causes of papillomas

The papilloma virus is caused by the appearance of growths on the neck, eyelid, under the armpits or in the groin. It can be transmitted through family contact, through minor skin lesions, and also through sexual contact.

For a long time, such a virus can exist in the body without symptoms. With a weakened immune system, this infection can become more active.Factors driving their growth include:

  1. Weakening of the body as a result of past illnesses.
  2. Hormonal changes.
  3. Problems with the endocrine system.
  4. Physical fatigue.
  5. Nervous pressure and stressful situations.
  6. Long-term use of certain drugs with strong effect.

In this case, the wart must be able to distinguish. It is characterized by round shapes and diameters up to 10 mm. The color of growth varies from flesh to brown.

Remember, if any changes occur with the erection, then you cannot self-medicate.

Why do you need to remove papillomas?

According to reviews, unpleasant growth needs to be removed from the body only if it interferes. For example, rubs against clothing.

Remember that a wart can be a source of autoimmune infections. In addition, it can be reborn, as well as being a source of infection for relatives and friends.

Therefore, in the presence of such growth, you need to undergo examination and, if possible, get rid of them.

Formations need to be removed for two reasons: cosmetic and medical. They look ugly, especially on the face or eye, and can also develop into dangerous formations.

How to remove papillomas from the body at home and when they can not be removed

You can not remove growths with folk remedies in such cases:

  1. They grow rapidly and turn black, red or brown.
  2. They are located on the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, mouth, in the corners of the eyes or on the eyelids.
  3. With bleeding, torn and loose edges.

You cannot remove the papilloma with a knife or scissors. This will cause the infection to spread. This method can lead to death. You can not bandage papillomas the old fashioned way with the help of strands and hair.
Formations that occur on the genitals can only be removed by a gynecologist.

Treatment options

When there is no doubt that the wart is the most common, then you can try to remove it at home. How can you quickly remove such a build up, a specialist can tell.

To withdraw, the following methods are used:

  • drug therapy;
  • medicinal herb juices;
  • decoctions having a therapeutic effect and essential oils;
  • infusions of alcohol.

Drugs from the pharmacy to be removed at home

You can try to remove growths with pharmaceutical products. They destroy the structure of the formations, and also inhibit cell division.

You can use these drugs:

  • soft preparations;
  • medicines;
  • plant-based products.

These methods should be used only if the nature of the formulation is clear. If the wart is malignant, then removing it will only be harmful.

How to remove papillomas from the body at home - use cryopreparations

In action, they are like liquid nitrogen and freeze growth. Of these funds, it is worth highlightinga drug containing a mixture of dimethyl alcohol and propane.

With it, you can remove small growths or even a hanging wart.

It is produced in aerosol form. Used externally, the composition is applied with an applicator and applied10-30 seconds.

After that, you need a two week break. There should be no more than three such procedures.

This medicine is not approved for pregnant and lactating women, patients with diabetes mellitus and children under 5 years of age.

A larger wart can be removed with another drug with a similar composition. It allows you to remove growth, which is its diameterup to 7 mm.

According to reviews, the use of such funds does not always give the desired effect. There are cases of damage to healthy skin.

Therefore, when using them, you must follow the instructions.

Herbal preparations

It is worth trying remedies made from plants that have poisonous and quarrying properties.

But at the same time, even with these drugs, you should not remove an oversized wart.

Try these tools:

  1. Castor oilhelps with plantar warts. It is applied to the steamed area, and covered with plaster on top. Procedure to be followedat least 10 times.
  2. It can be usedcure with celandine. Before using the drug, you need to lubricate the skin around the growth with a greasy cream. The composition is applied with a special stick. This procedure is quite painful.
  3. Salicylic acidapplied to papilloma at bedtime, and in the morning washed the composition. Treat like this for a month.
  4. Drug containingsalicylic acid, tea tree oil and castor oil. The agent is distributed in a thin layer on the formulation. The procedure must be repeated2-3 times.

Medical preparations

These drugs include drugs that have humiliating and muffling effects. They often contain acids, alkalis and ethanol.

So here are the main drugs:

  1. Podophyllotoxin drugworks only on warts. It is applied with a special applicator twice a day for three days. The course of treatment can not be done more than 4 times.
  2. A drug solution with a cauterization effect. It includesphenol and tricresol.
  3. Moresoft analogthe previous remedy. It is applied repeatedly with a stick. To prevent damage to healthy skin, it must be treated with a special composition.
  4. A drug that is only sold on prescription, as it isvarious acids. If not used incorrectly, it could happen.
  5. Pencil containing silver nitrate. It allows you to treat papillomas, and also destroys bacteria. It is used not only for warts, but also for cracks, wounds and other skin damage.

Folk remedies to remove papillomas

There are also folk ways to deal with growth. You can use laundry soap or tar.

To do this, a softened piece is applied to the affected area for half an hour. After that, you need to remove all the remains.

The following methods are also used:

  1. Treatment with aloe. In this case, the sheet is cut and applied to the infected area, topped with a bandage.
  2. You can make ice cubes out of celandine juice and they also apply to the growth.
  3. Cauterization is done with tea tree oil in its pure form. In this case, the composition should be applied pointwise to avoid burns.
  4. It is worth trying a mixture of garlic with any cream.
  5. A common remedy for removing papillomas is celandine. It can be used to treat tumors of the abdomen and other parts of the body.

Be very careful when using traditional medicine. Remember that they should not be taken orally, and should not be allowed to enter the mucous membranes.

Celandine - a folk plant for removing papillomas

Prevention of papillomas

As additional therapy and to prevent relapse, preventive measures are needed.

Here they are:

  1. Get screened for papilloma virus periodically.
  2. If there is a focus on such growths, then you need to control their growth and change shape.
  3. Use special protective measures during sexual intercourse, and also avoid casual intercourse.
  4. Constantly strengthen your immune system, eat right and harden.

In some cases, even vaccination against such an ailment is used.

If the formations are not treated in time, they can become a source of infection or start growing.

To get rid of such problems permanently, visit a dermatologist who will make an accurate diagnosis.